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       my name is asaud afzaal .i am having a cat from 7 months .ususlly most of the time he is outside .from last 2 weeks he is having a problem in his left leg .when i saw him 2weeks before he was not puting his left leg down so i applied him voltren after sometime his got better again the next day he was putting his leg down and his started to swell-up thenafter 2 days his leg got so fat he started get wounds on his leg and when he use to if his foot touch the ground blood use to come out .first he got wound on his ffot then inner side of the leg and pus was coming out from his wounds so my father first applied listrine twice aday then he use to shout when we use to listrine so we stopped and then brought one medicine it is a powder the name of the medicine is baneocin .he got active with this medicine and he started to put his foot little bit down and he got active and pus also stopped but when we use to apply he use to shout so today we didnot apply the powder  and his skin is starting to peel off from inner side of the leg .i am giving him cat food higly enriched with vitamins and he is eating his food regularly and drinking milk he also sometime move his leg on his he is cat scraches on his leg maybe those has cause damage to his leg.
    so i want to ask what should we do about his leg
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This is an abscess...infection from bite wound...and needs to be treated with oral antibiotics.  You really need to take your cat to the vet for an examination and medication.  Also, if he is not neutered, he should be neutered as this will help reduce his liklihood to roam and get into fights.  And if he has not been tested for Feline Leukemia and Aids, he should be tested and then vaccinated against all infectious diseases including Rabies.

         My cat's skin started to peel off will his new skin will grow and should i use this medicine BANEOCIN it is a powder if not so what should i use . In Riyadh there not any hospital for animals and not any specialised vets our here his leg is not broken he sometimes put little wait on his injured leg when eating his food he eats his food regularly . You have said to use oral antiboitics can you name some  

I am not familiar with that medicine.  If it was prescribed before or you used it before with success then you could try it.  Otherwise keep it clean, wash with a mild soap and warm water and you can apply triple antibiotic ointment to the area (neomycin, bacitiracin, polymixin).  As far as oral antibiotics....amoxicillin, clindamycin, baytril or cephalexin would be effective.

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