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I cam across your site in search of whether or not it is biblical to claim your tithes and offerings on your taxes at the end of the year. My husband always used his as a deduction and when we got married I felt guilty about doing that because I felt it was like getting a reward for obeying the Lord and tithing. I just got my end of year giving report from our church to use as a tax deduction and upon seeing how much we gave and how that would probably help our return, I'm feeling tempted to use it. However,  I don't want to do the wrong thing and be greedy or take money from the government for doing what the Lord asks us to do. Thoughts?

Hello Heidi

There are two aspects to this.

Firstly, there is the legal aspect; Jesus said give to Cesear what is Cesaer's, so if Cesaer doesn't demand tax on the money you give the Church you are simply following Jesus' teaching.

Next there is the spiritual; why are you giving tithes and offerings and are you expecting a reward even if in part? In giving tithes and offerings our motives must be pure if we are to see the blessings that flow from such activities. Freely given with no expectation of come back.

When you reap as a result of Giving I expect you will only see that part that has not been returned to you by other means. I expect a tithe or an offering given knowing you will claim a tax deduction and therefore not incur the full cost is like taking a blemished ox or sheep to an offering or to go back to the legal aspect Jesus spoke of, you have not given to God what is God's. Like the Jews in Malachi you have not brought the whole tithe into the storehouse

just my opinion, so you can follow the spirit or the law  

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