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I would like to say our pastor and his wife are loving spirit filled Christians that we love completely. There are many members in our church that are not very nice people. They talk about everyone, are rude, make nasty comments to me and my wife about the work we do around the church but never want to help. We have thought about quitting the work we do around the church but lately it has become so intolerable I am just flat out wondering if we are going to the wrong church. If our members are treating visiting people the way they treat me and my wife it's no wonder our numbers are steadily decreasing. If I mentioned this to our pastor he would just say they are forgiven as we all are. I know this is true but how can elders in the church be so heartless? I just don't know if I should stay or find some place were they actually practice what they preach. Thank you

Hi Charles

A difficult decision before you. Iron sharpens iron they say so you should certainly bring your concerns to the pastor particularly in regard to the criticism of your role. In the past I have known Pastors to address such problems with surmons regarding gossip and christian fellowship. If I read what you have written correcty, you are saying that the problem lies among the eldership. Don't prejudge what your pastor will do, if membership is falling it must be a great concern to him

When someone makes an adverse comment about what you are doing, you should ask them if they would do it differently and ask them to help you carry out your tasks. Should they decline then at least you have communicated.

I heard a story once about a perfect church, It was perfect apparently until I joined it. In that same church I was once asked, why does this church keep hurting people? I am no longer a member of that church. Some people have unresolved issues particularly if you are carrying out a task they think should have been assigned to them. Bitter roots develop. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, so turn away their comments with what I do, I do for Jesus and try to restore those who have a critical spirit, and by all means make a visit to other churches from time to time so that should you decide to leave you know where to go

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