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QUESTION: In Eph. 4:7-8 as Paul was writing about the Anointed One (Messiah/Christ)he applied Psalms 68:18 to Him, as all reference Bible so state. so, when I read Psalms 68:18 in the Hebrew manuscript, and also see the transliteration of His name, "YAH," which is also used in Psalms 68:4, and about 47 more places in the Hebrew manuscript, I pose this questions:  Is "YAH" the highest name in heaven and on earth, and the name the Angel of Yahweh announced to Mary and Joseph?

ANSWER: I cannot say what the angel announced to Mary since I was not present and text related to the event is not recored in hebrew Mary was told to call the infant Yahoshua which we now translate as Jesus or Yeshua.

Let nme ask you a question what name do you use when you pray in tongues to the Lord? I frequently use the name Yeshua

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QUESTION: Since I learned the hallowed (set-apart) name of the Almighty God, our Father/Savior is "YAH" Psa. 68:4,18, and he used that name and his title, Savior/Salvation, "Yahoshua," I use his name exclusively. Therefore, I do not use the Hebrew term, "Yeshua," which according to Strong's Exhaustive Bible Concordance (Hebrew word #3442) means, "He will save," which term was substituted and used in place of or "for Hebrew word #3091,"Yahoshua,"
which means, "Yah Saves," and as we see contains the eternal name "Yah."   Yeshua was used by Jews, who were under the Injunction Law of Judaism (Sanhedrin 10:1) and therefore were enjoined or prohibited from speaking the Sacred Name, "YAH,"  They also used, "Adonai" and "Elohim" and "Hashem" (the Name) to avoid speaking the name, "Yah."

I am not a slave to Judaism nor to any man-made religious rule, law, command or regulation. I am a child of the God of gods, King of kings, Lord of lord, created by him, adopted by him (born-again, of water and Spirit, so I try my best to honor him by words and deeds in praise, prayer, and life. Therefore, I teach his true name and worship him in spirit and in truth for such is the kind of worshippers Yah seeks, Jn. 4:23-24. So, when I singing songs that have 'the LORD,' I sing, "Yahweh," and when singing songs that have 'Jehovah' or 'Jesus,' I sing, "Yahoshua."

I do the same when reading Bible translations that do not use his true name, and I pray always in his true name, Yah, who saves, for he is the ONLY righteous God and Savior, Isa. 45:21.  I only use the hybrid-English names, "Jesus and Jehovah," when its needed in the course of teaching to refer to as means to correct the erroneous and mistaken acts of translators.

Now to address your questions: "What name do you use when praying in tongues?"  First, I was surprised you asked that question since I assumed you know that when anyone prays in an unknown tongue he does not know what he is saying and "his understanding" KJV ("his mind" NIV) is "unfruitful" as Paul has made it abundantly clear in 1st. Cor. 14:14.
Second, no one knows what they are saying in an 'unknown' tongue unless they are given the interpretation by Yah's Spirit, who always speaks truth. However, there are deceiving spirits who do seduce some people into faking tongues and even interpretation of tongues. So, we are warned to try (examine)and discern the spirit's message to know if its of Yahweh.

My question: Since Yahweh said in Isa. 45:22-14, "Turn to me and be saved all your ends of the earth; for I am God and there is no other. By myself I have sworn, my mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that will NOT be revoked: Before me every knee shall bow;by me every tongue will swear (profess, saying: 'Only in Yahweh is righteousness and strength'...why did the Grecian alter Yah's message, and English translators follow the Greeks to change the words as we read in most English Bibles in Philippians 2:9-11?

hello again

let me clarify my comment regarding tongues and unknown language, there is no doubt it is unknown when you begin speaking but over time certain components become obvious through repatition and in any case the language is unknown to me, not necessarily completely unknown since on the day of pentecost the tongues spoken by the disciples where unknown to them but not unknown to others  words that I have recognised; Yeshua, Shah, Kar and I do a nice rendition of Amazing Grace in tongues and the words never change. So I try to avoid allowing my mind to be unfruitful

I see no inconsistency between the passages you cite, when you understand that Jesus - the Lord - Yahweh are interchangeable because as Christ told us he and the Father are one. The whole message looks both forward and back to the defining event; salvation through the death and ressurrection of Christ

Lastly thank you for your ratings but I fail to understand why you expected a rude reply

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