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I just had a sexual encounter with a man and IM a man, I just don't know why I did I feel stupid, I feel like let my family and friends down, IM not even attracted to men , I know im not gay and I just feel empty and not really myself cause I don't think God will forgive me and my family

Hello jonny

Let us first deal with sin. There is only one unforgiveable sin; to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.
All sin can be forgiven with repentance. I don't understand your reference to your family, sin is not generational, every person must account for their own sin. You should also understand that there are predators among homosexuals just as there are in other parts of society

So in order to be forgiven you confess your sin to God, repent of your sin and ask God's forgiveness in the full assurance that Jesus attoned for every sin we might ever commit. Ask the Lord to restore you in mind and body. Pray for the covering of yourself with the blood of Jesus. Ask the Lord to reveal Jesus to you. It doesn't matter what point you are starting from, make a fresh start.You should make sure you don't place yourself in temptation again by no longer associating with the people who led this to occur and cultivate a new group of christian friends. You also need to discuss these things with a pastor as homosexual activity can be an entry point for demonic influence

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