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QUESTION: I've been studying up on the holocaust.  There are some
things that puzzle me.  6 million were gassed.   18,000 in one day in one location.  In a 10 hour day that's 1800 per hour.
What kind a large crew of German SS could accomplish this--
heavy equipment for moving.?
   A pile of bodies higher than the  trees
It takes 30 minutes for this gas to kill,  how could they sort,
clothing,jewelry, money, tattoo,  1800 per hour.  Did they stop
for lunch?
"Step aside so we can remove the bodies so you can go in next"
         Is all this factual?
Tattoo people told me it would take 75 years to tattoo 6 million
people.   Are these facts correct?  I would like to talk to a
Rabbi about this.

ANSWER: hello Dick

You are looking in the wrong place for a Rabbi

I have no doubt the holocaust occurred even if the facts appear a little hazy at times. perhaps these are the facts you are having difficulty with
remember the survivors have no reason to lie about their experiences. we cannot come to grips with the scale of what the Nazi did. They intended to murder 12 million people in the name of racial purity. In addition to the death camps they murdered whole villages as the german army crossed Russia

The SS used jewish slave labour to move the bodies and many were incinerated, others buried in mass graves. Many died as a result of being forced to work in inhumane conditions

As a young person I saw the pictures of what had happened in Europe, I couldn't understand it, it was beyond imagination, beyond comprehension therefore I understand why now you have difficulty with it but please understand evil knows no bounds

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks   I didn't think you were a Rabbi
Is any of this exaggerated, and if so why?   Why would anyone
   If you realize 1800 people per hour is 135 tons per hour
Is that possible?    Slaves did it?
         There's no sensible reason for this to be exaggerated.

   Either the facts are correct or they aren't

75 years to tattoo 6 million people

Hi dick

I think you have been listening to holocaust deniers.

when someone says it would take 75 years to do something what resources are they speaking of. you don't know and I don't know. There are more than 6 million people in the world today with tattoos and it didn't take 75 years. The tattoos spoken of are numbers, not large tattoos. How many were tattooed, probably only those who were not scheduled for death. yes it is difficult to think of a large number of bodies being moved but remember there were large numbers of people in the camps. What we do know is that there were 6 million people  who were non combatants who were once alive who had disappeared after being displaced, disposed of. The US and Russian troops who found the camps were shocked by what they found.

Look, the chinese built a four thousand mile long wall with only manual labour, human beings are capable of doing more than you might think.

I think the facts are correct, they are the result of serious investigation, evidence gathered for trials

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