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QUESTION: Shalom Brian,

Here is a link to my completed argument regarding, “Are The Sons of God Created Angels & Does Satan Still Have Limited Access To Heaven.”


ANSWER: shalom barney

Not sure what you are trying to prove here barney, the book of Job plainly states that Satan accuses the brethern before God. However I am convinced that everything changed at the cross, when satan was defeated. We are the children of God but we were created not begotten, the angels similiarly are children of God, created not begotten. Scripture also tells us the was a race of fallen angels who had cohabited with men. However God chose to make salvation available to men not angels and he did this through the death of Jesus. The angels who rebelled are not offered salvation, only we are offered salvation through Jesus, this is the important point of the Scriptures

The book of Revelation states that we, the saints, overcame satan through the blood of Jesus and the word of their testimony. The testimony is what the blood has done for them, redeemed them out of the hands of satan, so whether he has access to God or not, well let's say, it doesn't matter he is a defeated enemy and I have a more powerful advocate before the thrown

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QUESTION: Shalom Brian,

In your response to my question - you suggest that Scripture actually tells us that the "children of God" are indeed created angels.

To this end, could you PLEASE cite for me just ONE single Scripture from either the Masoretic Texts or the Textus Receptus that clearly defines and calls a created angel God's Son.  Hence, the Sons of God.


Your kind response will be most appreciated.


Hello barney

At no time did I say that an angel was the "son of God", as far as I am aware angels have no gender as we would understand it however that doesn't explain the nephilim does it?

I am not here to spend time debating Scripture and inferences with you. There is only one "Son of God", however we are all God's children and co-heirs with Jesus, Romans 8:17. Since you wish to approach this from a jewish perspective I doubt you will find confirmation in the Torah

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