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I am a christian and recently retired from the state of ca. My wife and I spent about 25 years in the ministry and took a leave for no specific reason other than simply being tired and my being ill. We moved to the foothills and recently attended a church as visitors. The pastor is female the worship leader is female the assistant to the pastoris female and the admisistrative assistant is female, as is the bible study teacher for men and women.The congregation in fact is 50% male. Is this not out of the boundries of the word and secondly the pastoral epistles? Additionally, I was taken aback by congregants speaking to the speaker during the sermon adding their personal views and experiences. Your thoughts

Hello Robert

yes the trend to female pastors can be disturbing as they sometimes create that gender bias around them..

I don't see the word as creating a boundry to female pastors but headship is traditionally male, accentuated by Jesus who did not include females among the the apostles but this may have been cultural. New testament scripture is plain on this as I'm sure you are aware, suggesting women should not teach men. This has been largely ignored in recent times and obviously this church is not guided in that way. I would say the leadership in this church is not balanced

As to the problem of the congregation not respecting the pulpit this maybe the result of the gender bias as females have a way of injecting their opinions into conversations and it has obviously overflowed. I can only say that scripurally Paul may have faced this sort of thing when he said there must be order. I find that sort of behaviour particularlly annoying if I am preaching.

Given where you live it is possible this is an overflow of culture and you should find a church more in keeping with your values

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