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Hi Brian
Good to be writing you again.

My question Brian: 2 Timonthy 2:17 " And their message will spread like caner. "

Brian in those time in the Bible how in the world did they know of such a word like CANCER ?
Its like they knew what penicillin was.

Help me out to understand them using that word.
Thanks Brian

Hello Ray

Tumors where know in ancient times, the Phillistines were afflicted with tumors when they kept the Arc of the Covenant, I expect you are using a paraphrase, Ray, my Bible, the NIV, translates the word as Gangarene, which is blood poisoning, and the properties of penicillin may have been know without understanding the process, a bread poltice to draw out infection is a very old remedy, the Bible even speaks of a disease with could have been AIDS when it says that homosexuals take into their body the result of their practices.

Hope I have been of help to you

vaya con Dias  

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