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I live in Chesapeake, Virginia with my wife.  She and I went to Regent University to a conference relating to BioLogos.  I really enjoyed it.  I am not penecostal, and I am a Southern Baptist.  Do I accept evolutionary creation by which God through Jesus the Son made our wonderful creation.  I must say that I do.  I could also accept Progressive Creationism; however, I must reject Young Earth Creationism.  I simply cannot believe that dinosaurs and human beings lived together.  What are your thoughts about this?  Also, did you know that some Messianic Jews accept Partial Conditional Immortality.  They believe that the redeemed soul survives the death of the body and goes to heaven (2 Corinthians 5:8).  The lost souls go to She'ol,a type of death row similar to ours on earth who have done capital offenses.  At the resurrection of the just, the souls of the righteous are reunited to their bodies.  The unsaved are sent both body and soul to hell and are destroyed.  What do you think about that?


Hi Charles

I believe the Word of God. I have no other reference point other than the witness of the Spirit. I believe he has told us what is important and hasn't provided us with all the details we might want to know. I have not turned my mind off however, I find it difficult, even illogical, to believe that one creature with very different characteristics changed into another over time and yet those other species still exist today. What was God doing, giving us a reference point? If God says that our beginnings were not long ago, I believe Him. We are unique, God did something with us he did not do with other species in his creation.

We say there is contention between science and God's word based on our interpretation of a few Scriptures. Some commentators even believe there is large gap between Genesis 1.1 and Genesis 1.2. Creation took a long time in our timescale perhaps but God exists out of time, not subject to our laws and theories and therefore he rules immortality and time. It is apparent that the ice ages are not mentioned but oblequely in the Bible but continential drift is mentioned.

There is little evidence that dinosaurs ranged the whole Earth in large numbers, the evidence is that some grew to very large size and were found in what might be considered remote places. ask yiourself why dinosaur bones arn't dug up frequently in city excavations. Therefore Dinosaurs may have existed but encounters with humans may have been few. However humans learned to cooexist with some very large and dangerous animals. The number of people on the Earth was small and after a time population grew rapidly we only have to see what has happened in the last few decades to see the potential, therefore all of the population of the Earth could have come to develop in the few thousand years since the flood and we know little of what might have existed before. We have to put things in context when we read the Bible, not only what are the events but where were they happening? Do the math, you will be amazed. The dating techniques we have are not very accurate beyond a few thousand years and I have seriously wondered that if it is based on the half life of radioactive elements how is it that if the Earth has existed for so long the radioactive elements haven't all decayed by now.

I'm not here to comment on the beliefs of comparative religion and vague references to what some may believe. I can tell you that God is real and I know this by experience and encounters with Him. He is not man, he does not think like man and his purposes are higher than ours, therefore if those who do not accept Christ are judged unworthy of eternal life, I must accept that there is more than a superficial reason that may seem unfair to us. You must remember that a person who is outside Christ lives a life that is different to that of one who truly believes. Remember the Scripture Not everyone who says Lord, Lord, is worthy so even knowledge and acknowledgement of God isn't enough.

Pentecostals believe in the power of the Spirit of God, in the Gifts God has placed in Spirit Filled Christians, in the outworking of those gifts today. These are not seperate beliefs but clearly stated in the Bible even if denied in notes by commentators like Ryrie

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