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Hi Brian

Can you please explain to me just what the TRIUNE GOD is ?
How does The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit are all three ?

I'm a slow learner but Brain I need your expertees in this Bible understanging.

Ray M.

Hi Ray

Not heard from you for a long time and I see you still have dyslexic fingers.

The trinity or Triune God is one of the deepest yet perhaps missunderstood mysteries of Christianity. There are those who will seize upon some difficult to understand  concept to confuse and bring another gospel, I hope you are free of such influences.

How could God exist in three persons each unique and yet one being?

The first thing we must understand is God is not man, he is not the finite being we are, we are created and mortal, he is not and yet he has chosen to make us a triune being different in nature to himself and reflecting his image. we were created to commune with and worship God. we must also understand that translations sometimes cannot carry concept from one language to another. Sometimes the image we get is dim.

The Triune God speaks as much to nature as it does to physical presence. The triune God is the Godhead, the eternal one God.

We have a body, a mind and a spirit.  We might equally wonder how this is so. God speaks to us about his nature which is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Father (love), Son, (redemption) Spirit (counsel and comfort) The Father is manifest in glory, Jesus is manifest in the flesh and the Holy Spirit is pure spirit. We have been given Jesus to have a tangible person to relate to, one who knows our circumstance through experience. We cannot see the Father his manifest presence would overwelm us,kill us, and the Spirit can be heard and not seen but he gives us visions, Impressions, words and prophecy.

For God (father)points to Jesus (son) and the Holy spirit points back to Jesus who points to the Father and by Jesus words he and the father are one and he has sent his Spirit to counsel us and lead us into all truth

But my explanation is too simplistic so you might want to read other references

here is one

some things we take by faith and not lean on our own understanding and this is one of them.

the essential truth is that we have been redeemed by Jesus Christ and we appropriate that by belief in Him and who He says He is. His very name in Hebrew is I am your salvation and this name is also used in Psalm 35 to speak of the Father. Jesus declares he and the father are one and that he has sent us His Spirit. Pure logic, if we must resort to that, must be that we are speaking about the same person. The New Testament is an additional revelation to the Old testament and yet both are perfectly aligned

If this doesn't resolve your issues please come back

9 always

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