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Assembly of God/tithes on alimony paid to ex spouse


Are we to pay tithes on the alimony my husband pays to his ex-spouse?


There are several principles to be questioned here:

Is tithing valid for the Christian?

Are tithes calculated on gross income or increase?

Are tithes calculated in monetary terms?

It is my opinion that modern theology associated with tithing based on a single verse in Malachi is a misintrepretation. The whole point is God doesn't want what you do to be under compulsion but done with a whole heart, freely given. What was been said in Malachi was that the jews were cheating because there was a covenant associated with their tithes and they were not paying the third year tithe.

Tithes where calculated on the increase in flocks and crops and could be converted to money for the practicality of transport. Tithes were used to finance the annual trip to the temple and were consumed by the people. There is no indication a labourer ever paid a tithe Temple (church) revenues came from offerings, sacrifices and taxes, the third year tithe was used for charitable purposes

There is no indication tithes were calculated in monetary terms and they were paid out of increase not gross income.

lastly tithes were not demanded or paid by christians for centuries, they became custom when large edifices were established and the church needed the money. we are under grace not under law and paying tithes places you under law so I would say to you according to 2 corinthinians 9 give what you give freely and not under compulsion because it was the pharasses who calculated a tithe on everything. In my opinion if you want to tithe, tithe on the real income, the increase

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