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QUESTION: Morning Brian

Rome 9:15 " I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I have compassion. "

i was living a very sinful life. Hurting people emotional and with harmful physical contact. Without any thought for life or property.

Brian, there is NO DOUBT that I deserve life in prison without parole ! ! ! An NEVER spent a night in jail. But that's another story. The MIRACLE of JESUS in my life is so true.

The LORD set a women into my life and that directed me to A.A.
Brian i NEVER asked to be sober. The LORD PICKED ME.

Why out of all the human beings HE PICKED ME ? i AM SO UNDERSEVRING OF HIS GRACE AND MERCY.

Only by the loving grace of JESUS CHRIS I am SOBER in my 39th year of sobriety.


i am so undeserving of HIS GRACE AND MERCY.

In the up above scripture drove me to tell you all this.
Brain what's your opinion the the Why of JESUS' choosing
some of HIS children.

Ray M.

ANSWER: Good morning Ray

It seems that parts of our testimony are similar.

I was working for a very well known enterpreneur when I had an encounter with Jesus. My scruples were being tested by this employment but after the encounter I had the courage to walk away and face the future with no job.I had walked away from the church thirty years earlier because of traumatic events in my childhood. When I gave myself to Jesus, several things happened, alcoholism fell off, bad language fell off, my love of science fiction books fell off, I returned to church

Yes Jesus knows those who will respond and he gives them opportunity to respond. This is grace, undeserved grace but an expression of his love. Just as a father loves his children even when they are naughty and rebellous so God loves us and seeks to restore us. Ray, God knows that we do the wrong thing because we are acting out of hurt, of unresolved issues in our lives and he knows our potential. We all have purpose, although many fail to fulfill it.

we have to remember that we are children of God, we are not distant relatives, but children. Scripture tells us that God knits us together in our mother's womb. we cannot be sure of the fullness of what that means but it tells us that he takes a personal interest in the birth of every individual.

If we examine the story of Jesus we see that he told the pharasees that he didn't come to those who had it all together, the religiously self righteous, but to those who needed to hear the message, quite literally to those who are wounded and broken and in need of a doctor. He comes to bind the broken hearted

Jesus actually chooses all of his children because there is really none among us who don't need his love and his ministry. We can go for years thinking we have it together until we realise that we are just as needing of the grace of Jesus as any other.

I have a friend, an anglican minister who was a great help to me many years ago when I had a problem with a troubled teenage son, This man rose in the church and became dean of a cathedral but it appears was not in line with the thinking of the hierachy and moved to ministry in a country town. I learned only recently that he had been an alcoholic and now he has resigned his position and works without pay in a church ministering healing. he has the same testimony as both you and I, the grace of Jesus

I hope this helps you, I don't have all the answers Ray but I do have a loving father and brother who has given me his spirit and who can ask for more.

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QUESTION: My dear brother Brain

What a loving testimony you gave. I treasure the keeping of anonymity, of course all the we have said will be keep only with in.

That being said Brain, you knock me out with your sharing. I know only a few thing that are true in the GOD given world and one is the Lord JESUS has brought us together to share our love for the LORD.

This morning as I do each morning I read: 24 hour book, Daily Reflections
along with me favorite the King James Bible and finally prey.
That starts my day off with JESUS' blessings.

It was bought to my numb skull attention the I suffer for many years with GLUTTONY and tried all way to lose weight even BY-PASS SURGERY. And of course the weight is back at:240lbs at 5'11ins.

My point is Brain I have been sinning against the Lord JESUS. With my early morning preys I never said; " Lord JESUS I have been sinning with gluttony, please help me to over-come this sin.

You know Brian it isn't just to loose weight but to FIRST NOT TO OFFER my LORD JESUS with me sinning of GLUTTONY. The weight lost will come when the LORD JESUS sees fit to handle if for me.

Brain I can't begin to tell you what a BLESSING you are to me. My A.A. sponsor help me to toxic people but not with scripture and belief in the LORD JESUS.

In closing my dear brother, bless you and your family and I pray that we may write to each other as the LORD JESUS permits.

Your brother in the spirit of CHRIST JESUS
Ray Monaco


You have said several things that intrege me. Again you have demonstrated how similiar we are in some respects.

You speak of your weight and your height but I too know the difficulties of weight control being 110 kg and 171 cm. I was told by a doctor once that almost anything I ate would maintain that weight so it has taken a long time for me to shed 20 kg for I was heavier a few years ago. My walk in this respect is not finished

Your addiction to food, and let us be realistic and call it what it is, can stem from burdens you carry from childhood or from life as a result of what others have said and done. No doubt others have told you but you have to avoid certain foods and control the size of the portions you eat. If you imbibe alcohol you have to restrict that. As I understand it sugar from any source is a problem, so be practical but also ask Jesus to show you what the source may be.

Above you said "when the LORD JESUS sees fit to handle it for me.". Do you remember the story of the man who asked Jesus if he was willing to heal him and Jesus replied that he is willing. Mark 1.41 That remains today for all of us he is willing and it is up to us to seek him. The responsibility is ours, not his. So ask him to show you what the souce of the problem may be and when he does, give him the burden, forgive, and repent of carrying the burden yourself. It may help to find a prayer counsellor who will pray along with you. It may also be that you need ministry that will lift the oppression from your life for a sin that you cannot free yourself from can be the result of an oppression. Fasting can also be something that can help to unlock the spiritual aspects

all the best

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QUESTION: Brother Brain
All of what you said is true.
I'm not fighting JESUS and holding on to the past although I believe what was said to me many, many years ago in the rooms; " HE WHO FAILS TO REMEMBER IS DOOMED TO REPEAT "

I think in the past sometimes and seen my HORRIBLE BEHAVIOR and how the LORD JESUS has helped over-come, get through and be safe from my rotten behavior I DON'T EVER WANT TO FORGET WITH JESUS HAS DONE FOR ME AND WHAT HE IS STILL DOING FOR ME.

JESUS saved me when I wasn't even looking to be pulled out of the dark pit I was living in - THANK YOU JESUS !

As for as my many, many years of filling my face with food and being Italian. The table was always filled with great food.

I eat to fill the hole that is in my soul and I tried with all of my might starve myself, by-pass operation, dieting and all the rest of it.
To loose weight with no avail.

Trying to work the A.A. program and trying to have a closer relationship with JESUS and trying to loose weight is one heck of a thing to achieve.

Of course I pray to JESUS to help me to do HIS WILL and if HE chooses to grant me more peace and victory of my GLUTTONIST BEHAVOIR HE WILL.
Brain all I can do is pray. First to know HIS will then and only then to be granted a closer relationship with HE.

The weight loose will come - I HAVE FAITH.

Brother Ray :-)

Hi Ray

I feel I must speak bluntly. You are feeling sorry for yourself but I come back to what I said about Mark !.41. Jesus is always willing both to heal you and have a closer relationship with you, You are speaking about these things as if it is something in the future whereas he has already granted this to you and what you have to do is take hold it it by changing your behaviour. The choice is not his but yours, I cannot emphasise this enough. It is a finished work there is nothing more Jesus needs to do so take hold of it.

You want victory over the flesh, inflict the flesh, go on a fast, don't be silly about it but exclude something important to you to begin with, or fast one day a week. Go for long walks and speak to Jesus as you do as if he were walking beside you. Exercise your faith by praying for others

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