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Hi Brian

It's been awhile since we spoke

Brian can you explain when JESUS said " Let "US" make man in "OUR UMAGE"

These words; In our image & like us just confuse me.
Can you tell what JESUS meant ?

Thank you Brian

Hello Ray

it is important to Take Scripture in context, this is Genesis 1, At the start of the chapter we have a description of the spirit, the Holy Spirit and the we are told God spoke,  and here in this passage, v 26, we have the the first confirmation of the plural nature of the godhead in the word us. I like the fact that you directly link Jesus to these events acknowledging the trinity because we are told in John 1 that Jesus was there

There are many translations of the words our image,  but the word likeness is frequently used, so we resemble God. God was definately referring to our physical appearance but I believe he was also referring to our nature, just as he is a triune being so also we were to have that nature; body, mind and spirit, reflecting his image and to be capable of speaking. We represent God on the Earth

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