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Its been a long time. Time for me healing from my third CANCER operation.
GOD is so good.

Now about the word CANCER in 2 Timothy 17
" And their message will spread like cancer. "

Brain in those time of the Bible how in the world did they even know about the word CANCER. I would understand better it the scripture would have said,
" . . . like wild fire. "

What's you take on this passages ?'
GOD bless you and yours.
Ray M.


Sorry to hear you have been ill and I pray that God will remove all traces of that disease from your body.

When reading the Bible it pays to read different versons because some modern translations don't translate the words literally. Tumours were known in ancient times and the translation I use uses the word gangerine in that passage. In verse 14 it even says don't quarrel about words, so get the sense of the meaning, which in this case is watch what you say and what you take in from others.

Ray, some disease, particularly persistent disease, can be the result holding on to hurts and things others have done to us. Forgiveness is very important and forgiveness is for us not the other person. Forgiveness is only enlightened self interest, so Ask God to reveal all the people who you should forgive, make a list and pray a prayer of forgiveness casting every thing on God, give them to him. Just a thought

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Brain for you kind words concerning my cancer.

You read several version of the Bible what's the true or closest word of GOD in the Bible ?

I read somewhere the LORD said, you should not add to the word of GOD or take away from it.
So in reading several different Bibles which one do you  reply upon ?

I'm just wondering ?

Brain as you know their are so many different Bibles out there, for me its so confusing !

Bless you Brain and your family.
Ray M. :-}

Hi Ray

I was not suggesting that any one translation is any better than any other although many are very similiar. I use the NIV because it is the first translation I was introduced to when I became a christian in 1978, it was published in that year. What I have found is that various translations bring out subtle differences and if the interpretation in one version doesn't seem to you to be the right word, or meaning, then see how other translators at a different time might have understood the writings.  I have a concordance and it is remarkable how a particular word in greek or hebrew has many meanings in various parts of the text. I would use the KJV but some of the language is archaic. All versions are translations and some meaning has been lost over the centuries because we no longer use those languages, but as paul tells us all scripture is useful for teaching and to admonish. Some concepts in hebrew and greek cannot have an exact equivalent in english. I think the NKJV is a good verson, the ESV might be a newer rendering. Remember that the meanings of english words have changed over the centuries, we hardly ever use the word swine to refer to pigs as an example but still use the word swill to refer to pig food. The meanings and use of words are different as between the american, and the british so different versions fit into different cultures

By using different translations we are not adding to or taking away from the Word of God but be carefull about paraphases as they sometimes change meaning. By paraphase I mean the Message, the Good News Bible, the New World Bible, the amplified Bible.

For all general purposes have one version you refer to and read often and use others occasionaly for reference as I have suggested

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