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Hi Brian

Its been awhile, due to some cancer operations the LORD still wants me here as long as its HIS WILL I'm fine with all that.

Question: Brian I don't as this in regards not loving or trusting JESUS' words.
It often comes across my mind and I wonder, not believing that I'll ever get the answer but I accept JESUS' words in my BIBLE.

Finally the question: Why do we or I have to suffer for sins of ADAM when we were not there in the garden and because Adam ate the fruit we all are inwardly sinners.

I had nothing to do with ADAMS choice to eat the fruit.

Your views on this Brian please.
GOD bless you and yours.
Ray M.

hi Ray

I am unsure what that first question is Ray, you can trust Jesus, his teachings are absolutely consistent

from my perspective the problem with Adam and Eve predated the "eating of the apple". God said of Adam it was not good for man to be alone. He had everything, companionship with God and yet it wasn't enough. You see the temptation that Eve responded to, and Adam assented to, was that they would be like God, knowing good and evil, knowing more that God had told them. The lust for power. Adam placed the ideas of his wife above the will of God

We are what we are because of DNA, the code that causes us to reproduce as a species and within that DNA is our rebellous nature, that transfers from generation to generation. We cannot say I wasn't with Adam, God tells us that the sins of the father will be visited upon the sons, that is; they will repeat the behaviour. In each generation the cycle is renewed

The only way out for us is the answer Jesus gave us, to believe in him and the salvation his death has made available. If you could divorce yourself from the sins of Adam through deniel then Jesus died for nothing. Without Jesus, the old nature asserts itsself, there are ample examples all around us.

be well Ray

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