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steve wrote at 2010-01-30 15:39:40
i have just recently left a non-denomanational,but pentacostal based church,ever since i first started to attend,i have felt somewhat out of place.I have been a born again believer for many years,but back slid for many also,but God is faithful,and he directed my heart back to him!Amen!but i belive that they are under false doctrine.I have heard people in posistion tell me you can lose your salvation if you do not maintain it,thats a slap in my Jesus face,what he did at the cross took care of it all,and to think that we have to keep up whit it is a lie!I found uot recently that the pastor is completly AOG background,that is when my concerns started to come to life.Everything that has been done to the church ,was done without the body being asked if they wanted it,they were never asked to pray about issues having to deal with church expansion,missions,or anything else,yet it was out of the money tithed to the church.All congregation was kept out,only the "elite,not elected"made all the calls.this is atypical in this soft of enviorment.As of foe "the AZUSA street revival i would very seriously reread the story on that one.After reading that story i know that the HOLY SPIRIT had know part of it ,read the history of that "third wave movement".Let me ask you a question,why did witches,tarot card readers,and satan worshippers show up to the revival?Because they are in-tune with ungodly,familar spirits.Read the azusa street lie.I dont deny what happened in acts,or pentacost,but drunk in the spirit,crawling on the floor and barking like dogs,people taking there cloths off,conga lines for the lord,people having convolsive fits on the floor,?Why would our dignified GOD want of make his people look and act like complete idiots?I prayed for release from there ,and the Lord was more than happy to stear me into his real truth,PRAISE THE ONE AND ONLY HOLY GOD!!!I can tell you for a fact,that when you ask the Lord for his true wisdom,and he knows your heart he will give it to you!I have decided to follow Jesus,no turning back,no turning back!

maria wrote at 2010-02-14 11:07:43
I totally agree with all points made.  I attended an AOG for 15 years.  I was preached about from the pulpit but never spoken to about it before the preach.  My child was ill in hospital so I said to my husband, I will ring my pastor he will come and pray for him and support us.  I felt it was important as my husband stop coming, he did not like him, on the second week of attending we did not go due to illness again, so in the week the pastor sent someone to visit.  I thought how caring and invited him in.  He told my husband he has been sent to collect our tithe because we did not attend.  From

then on my husband refused to go back he had only been a christian 2 weeks.

Any way he came to the hospital and I said to my husband, here he is, I told you he would come.  The following sunday he used them words he heard me say to run me down in the pulpit, saying we don't need him to pray,we need God.  Not having a clue why I said it or interested in enquireing about my son.

Also if anyone left he preached about them.  No one dares leave.  Also I was accused of something I would never think of...they did not even inform me of it, I heard from someone else.  So I had no redress.

I have left now but still preached about.  Also people tell me I am rebellious as I should stay where

God plants me.  God has not planted me there, but they will not have it.  I am finding it hard to find a 'safe' church as most are affected by charismatic now and the pastor informs other churches of those that have left.  How is this helping or pastoring God's people?

Also when going out evangelising he chooses who is to be saved (spoken to), mostly young women with children are more likely to come, his words.  I invited a guy once who was very keen and accepted Christ, the pastor told me, well somehow he doesn't fit in.  I was very taken aback as he did not say why, the man was a little odd but was keen on the things of God.  I am glad I have left, sometimes I would cry on leaving the service.

Evang. N. T. RICHIE wrote at 2010-09-09 23:31:44
Having read through the question by Steve and the answer by Maria i would like to tender this sincere but true saying, Assemblies of God or any other pentecostal Church as a body do not condole such actions from the so called pastors, we must come to that place were we recognize this ones as individuals that tend to bring their personal behaviors and attitude into the dealings of the church, if one pastor or the other decides to do something wrong, that does not make the Church (Assemblies of God) or other Pentecostals bad. okay?

i Have worshiped with a Pentecostal church for more than 25years now and i have no regret worshiping with them, the pastors has been so caring and teachings me how to live right and do things right in other to make heaven, and this in other hands helped me to see that people are different. if the church is our Father's house and we see somethings going wrong in your father's house the wise thing to do is to stand your ground as a son or daughter of the house and shun such behaviors.

Finally i want you to know that i respect your opinions and decisions but don't you think that God something place us in some places not so we would run away to a comfort zone, but rather that we stand and make a difference. all and any church that is made up of humans will definitely be faulted cos people are not perfect. But wherever you are i would like to advise that you BE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

Ming Pan Da wrote at 2011-05-07 12:39:44
I agreed with most the issues brought up by the man who now attend Lutheran church. I had been to Pentecostal church, AOG/not for many years. In all fairness, this problem are not just among pentecostal, though I found it is MORE prevalent among AOG/pente. I do not feel peace of God in AOG/pente church now. Strange that God also had lead me to Lutheran church. I found Lutheran doctrine more accurate. Saved by grace to do good work, not the other way around! Now I know what it truely mean to be Christ follower. I also heard other ex-pentecostal who join Lutheran. I wonder why Lutheran? Really strange...God leading of what.

De-neat wrote at 2013-01-04 09:43:56
many denominations profess to preach the best gospel. However their dogma base on some subject of the scripture, they will go extremes so that it contradict other place, i have often heared about the sabbath but did not understand what it was all about. my friend was converted to the SDA . He told me about the sabbath and so on (but my church said they preach All The Gospel) how come they don't keep the sabbat i ask question and got answers but was not satisfy. I turn to the scripture. One sunday my pastor preach on a topic he titled  "who are you: a Peter or a Paul"  among other thing he told us how salvation came to the gentiles through Paul. See Gal 2:7     my curiousity was raised, in summary: i see that Paul did not tell us(the gentiles) to keep the sabbath. My friend will ask "why keep the other commandment but neglet sabbath" but if you study the new testament careful you will see that is only sabbath that is not re-emphasied, paul said let no one condemn you on account of sabbath keeping but be feel with the spirit. I ask my my friend do you believe in the baptism of the  holy spirit and speaking in tongue, the answer was no. I become convince that i will not go there since it is contrary to what my friend said that they believe in the whole scripture including keeping the sabath..... I was reasurd that AG preaches all the gospel not only the ones you want to hear. The soul that sinneth shall die becomes a dead threat, sinners will not inherit the kingdom of God, a curse. You shall not die but live to proclaim the works of God or by his stripes ye are heal becomes a false prophecy, but you have rob me in tithe and offering you will threatens purnishment of not paying tithe. For who ever is not born of water and of the spirit cannot see the kingdom of God lies, heresies, false doctrine etc (you be the judge) Assemblies Of God is a good church and preaches the truth, i am proudly a member and have my bible as a guide. You cannot dispute this fact because of a money concious minister out of the thousands of good ones. It is common not only in pentecostals. I don't blame anyone who don't appreciate speaking in tongue as a sign. According to luke 1:34 Jesus was to be with a sign that is spoken againt speaking in tongues is the only one the prophets before him did not have and the only one spoken against. Remember not signs but a sign spoken against. If any one wants to be a member of AG or any other pentecostal that preaches the truth i encourage you. FOR YE SHALL RECEIVE POWER WHEN THE HOLY SPIRIT COMES UPON YOU  

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