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Asthma/where to buy air purifier concentrate


i have one of those air purifiers that look like a fishbowl and has a green plastic leaf "cover" on top. what it does is

you put in water and a few drops of the air purifying concentrate inside the fishbowl and while the motor will swirl

around the water it eliminates the scent from the concentrate and will kill the bacteria in the air. this has helped with

our allergies to cat dander and dust in the air.

now my question is...   ive run out of the air purifying concentrate.  i went back to the hypermart where i bought the

purifier/concentrates but they no longer carry the range.  does anyone know where i can buy these? its strange because i

used to randomly see it being sold almost everywhere. but now that i need it i cant seem to find it!


PS: what abou this air purifier...

   Not familiar with the product. Have you checked online to locate the manufacturer directly? On a product like this, you could probably buy directly from them without incurring a greater cost.
   I'm not familiar with the specific Honeywell unit, but HEPA filters are generally the way to addition to a vacuum that also had filtration. I only like vacuums with bags, since the bag less type are a mess to empty and clean. If you have pets (& carpeting), its recommended to vacuum 2-3 times a week to better reduce the dander load.
   Hope this helps.


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