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Asthma/Chronic Caugh- 6 years old boy


Hello Dr.

My son 6 year of age having chronic cough from more than 1 year.
Actually the Dr here diagnosed as allergic asthma. He is on singular tablet and Ventolin and seretide inhalers and nasonex nasal spray.
unfortunately he is not getting relief , his chest is always clear no wheezing at all. But he gets cough in bouts on exposure to cold , smoke and strong perfumes and also while playing sports games.
kindly advice.


Hi Mustafa
This is not a question it is a sad story. I am sorry for your sonís allergic asthma.

I have a few suggestions.

All allergy diseases have a chain:
1.   Allergen (inside and outside the body)
2.   In what ways these allergens reach the body (air, food, skin, GI tract, etc)
3.   Reaction of the body on the allergens

Nowadays medicine mostly focuses on the reaction of the body by using pharmaceuticals. This is just part of the healing process.

Next, most all allergies start from GI tract in person with abnormal reaction of the immune system. Many kids have it as result of antibiotic treatment and declining of the beneficial intestinal bacteria.  As a result, we have yeast overgrowth. Ancient Eastern doctors put lung and large intestine in one origin.  

I wish your entire family healthy New Year.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D  


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