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I quit smoking approx 15 yrs ago at age of 30.  I smoked about 1/2 pack /day (more on weekends)for over 10 yrs.  Since I quit I do notice an immediate change if I'm around smoke and feel a tightness in my chest (and then I leave that location).  Fortunately that is infrequent.  I have always been concerned about the damage that I have done to my lungs from smoking.  Every once in a long a while (while not doing anything) I experience a bronchospasm and it feels like the airways is cutoff - and it only happens for a second.  Recently when I would lay on my back to go to sleep I am feeling this same spasm - maybe once every two weeks.  There was no exercise or anything preceding these occuranc.  I'm nervous that I'm developing asthma.  What test can conclusively determine if I have this - since the spasms are occasional and won't replicate for a doctor when I need it to?  Also - any specific advice on how I can help my lungs to heal on their own (nutrition / excercise / herbs)?
Thank you for your time!

Dear Karen

Smoking is a not favorite thing for lung and you are right it can cause the damage. We cannot change what was happened. We have to focus on future, I say usually to my patients. I can tell you that lungs have capacity for healing, especially in 45 years old person.

I have long years of experience working with lung problems in ICU and outpatient situation.
Sorry, I do not have much information about you; therefore, I am afraid to give you specific advice. Some ideas can be helpful. Your condition can depend upon inflammation in the bronchi, collection sputum inside or/and bronchial spasms. By common sense, healing actions have to be focus on all three directions simultaneously.

For my patients I perform the course of treatment including acupuncture, herbal inhalations or inhalation with Karlovy Vary healing mineral water, lung massage, breathing exercises’, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicine for reducing inflammation, infection, allergy, Candida-yeast overgrowth, etc. It is very important to verify possible environmental triggers and food sensitivity.

You can call me. I wish you a good health.
Peter Melamed. LAc, RN, PhD
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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I can answer questions regarding life-style, diet,exersises, non-drug, alternative treatment of the patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia.Bronchospasm is symptom of many respiratory disorders. Non-drug treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lung massage, cupping, diet, colonhydrotherapy have a long history to help people with asthma.


I have dacades of the experience as MD in ICU. At that time I treat a lot of patients with severe asthmatic status. I have decades of the experience working with asthma patients by using coventional and alternative, non-drug treatments.

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