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My wife has asthma, allergies, and some degree of COPD. Her asthma is reasonably, but not completely controlled by her current prescriptions  I have encouraged her to exercise, in the hope that it may provide some improvement with her breathing issues.  She seems to think that her condition is what it is, and that exercise will either be counter productive or provide no meaningful improvement. Can you please offer an opinion and/or some guidelines on any exercise regimen that might be good for her.

Hi Dennis

I can feel, you are good husband and you want to help your wife.
Your question is not simple. Your wife has asthma and COPD. It gives me idea that her condition is chronic, but I do not know what the reasons for her condition are.
Intensive or vigorous exercises can make situation worse. There is disorder that is called “asthma from physical exertion.”

I advice for my patients to walk in the fresh air (park, beach, forest, etc). Start from 15 and slowly go up to 45 minutes. It would be better to go together and have a fun. She needs to take her inhaler with her.
Nasal deep breathing is beneficial.
Inflate rubber ball for ˝ of it capacity may cause productive cough.

Finally, asthma is complicated disorder that depends upon collection mucus inside the bronchi, inflammation of the bronchial walls, spasms of smooth muscles, etc. Just control the asthma by medications is just control the symptom. There are many other non-drug options, which focus on the root of the problem. It can be complementary therapy for her.
We can discuss them in the phone consultation.

I wish you and your wife healthy and happy life.

Peter Melamed, PhD
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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