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Asthma/High Eosinophil Level


I am 67 years .I suffer from frequent colds.I did routine blood count test .While all parameters remained normal
Eosinophil is HIGH 14%,ESR 31.3 mm/hr ,Haempglobin-13.7
What medicine I should take for High Eosinophil .Please help

Hi Kalyan

"Eosinophil is HIGH 14%, ESR 31.3 mm/hr" are symptoms of the long occurred allergic inflammation.
What medicine you should use for High Eosinophil, ask your doctor. Presumably, it will be hormones such as prednisone. If you do not like medications, try to find ayurvedic doctor in your area for non-drug treatment

I can explain how your allergic inflammation may develop. You have sensitivity to allergen or allergens, which can get to your body through air, food, water, or skin. Allergens can be in your house. Mold, chemicals, cosmetic, fragrance, dust, pollen are some of few. Avoid them.
Next, allergens can be in your food. Gluten (wheat), milk, soy can be blamed. Avoid them.

Your frequent colds show low immunity. To increase immunity, diminish inflammation and make you stronger, take vitamins C, D, B-5, eat turmeric, ginger, garlic, onion, and apple, drink green tea. You have to drink 8-10 cups of water or herbal tea.

Have a good health.
Peter Melamed Ph.D.


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