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What is a methylcholine challenge used for, what does it determine, and is it experimental for a 12 year old? Thanks!

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  Methacholine challenge is an evaluation test that checks for airway hyper-responsiveness (exaggerated reaction: airway spasms/closing, to particles, pollens, smells, exercise, etc.) in a patient. Sometimes while doing lung function testing, when the irritant is not present, the tests show normal. But in a person with reactive airways, doing this test with controlled doses of methacholine, will trigger an attack at levels than normal lungs would not react to. The dose is increased until reaction occurs, thus indicating, based on how high a dose is required, the level of responsiveness, thus making the correct diagnosis.
 Regarding age groups, it is not done on infants nor preschool children, therefore, generally speaking, in kids over the age of 5. It is also not done if the lung function prior to the test is below 60% of normal, or if the patient is unable to do a basic spirometry lung test.
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