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Dr. Melamed,

I will be brief, I am certain you are busy.  My question is about equipment however, I will add some m.d information that might clear up things a bit more for you.  
My mom lives in the Co. Springs area with altitude is terrible for breathing.  She has never ever had any breathing issues until she got here.  I will bullet point somethings to make things a bit more fluid for you

--70 yrs old
--non smoker
-- was of good health until to significant health events that set her back physically.  By that I mean day to day endurance that one does.  Errands, house cleaning etc.
--Tried to get her back into the pool but the chlorine is to much. Breathing became more difficult.
-- Her dr. Has her on the circle purple inhaler and the machine that plugs into an outlet amd little clear plastic tubes are poured in to an inhaler that she breathes through until the liquid is gone.

I hope that paints a fairly good picture of the situation.  I would add that in the next 4 months she is moving to OK where the alt. is much more conducive to her situation.

My question.  I am considering an air purifier that is large/strong enough to keep her bedroom clear.

There in lies my question. Can you recommend an air purifier that will do what I am hoping for.

I hope I was clear enough and concisely explained my situation.

In today litigious society I would state one more time I am not looking for medical advice rather information and your thoughts on a potential air purifier.

Thank you very much,
Christopher A Smith

Dear, Christopher A Smith!
I am not a distributor of air purifiers. I am holistic doctor with the clinical experience of treating asthma in ICU, outpatient setting and using alternative medicine therapies.
I have the Therapure Air Purifier in my bedroom.

I wish your mother and you good health.
Peter Melamed. Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco
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