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Hello Doc,
I have bronchitis allergy from last 15 years. I am 20 right now. Till last night I was well and tofay Morning when I spitted out some cough I noticed blood in my mucus 2-3 times.Also in the morning I had severe headache and stomach ache too I feel nauseous + My throat is paining as well I am not able to speak loud. What all things I should avoid and eat? What could be the reason behind this sudden blood in mucus? I have weakness when i think of food I feel like eating but when I see eat I can't eat the amount I want too.

It happened last year too but doctors daid nothing X-Ray reports were normal. Last month also I had an X-Ray check it was normal too. I am taking inhalers to keep my bronchitis in control twice a day.

Kindly tell the reason and preventive neasures.

Thanks in advance

Dear, Garima Mehra!

Blood in mucus in person with chronic bronchitis can occur after a persistent cough. Small vessels may be ruptured with oozing of the blood. More serious reasons can be tuberculosis and cancer. My advice is simple. You have to go to the pulmonologist and rule out possible reasons for your exacerbation, ASAP.

After that, if you believe in the non-drug treatment of chronic bronchitis, I can be helpful.

Have good health.

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