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etmcg1 wrote at 2010-12-20 09:24:05
First, I am not a doctor. This is the 3rd autumn that I have had the same symptoms. However, each year I get progressively worse. My principal thought I had the H1N1 last year.

         I feel like I wrote your letter. Except for the meds you are taking. I had 10 days of cortisone ( from my german doctor) It helped my most severe symptoms. However, I continued to have a persistent cough every morning and evening. i don't know why I thought to wear a mask to and from work, but I did. (one of those you use when spray painting.) My cough was reduced by 80%, I now think it is my car's vent system have an appointment to clean out the air-conditioner and cabin vents. I am MUCH BETTER. I did smell mildew when I first turned on the air-conditioner this past summer, but had no problems until October. My doctor thinks my lungs have become very sensitive and this may be leading to asthma.  

Spunkeybird wrote at 2014-04-19 21:00:54
I have the exact some thing.  Sitting still cough drop etc.  However, I did find that when we were on vacation and swimming in the ocean the salt water dried up my sinus tissue and this stopped my drip which helped.  However, on return from vacation I was back to where I was before.  Steroids and inhalers have been my friend and I might as well buy stock in cough drops.  Your not alone in this and I feel for you!


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