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My key info is: April 3rd, 1986 at 1:30pm.

I always feel like I am the one who makes things happen with my friends. If my colleagues and I at the university are going to all meet up for lunch, I have to plan it and where to go, ect. With my best friend, who is also a fire tiger, I always have to plan where we go hiking, plan, and all.

How can I warm my friends up to the idea that I would like it if, sometimes, they started the ball rolling and invited me to a snowshoeing trip, or organized a party or lunch get together?

I'm sure tigers have a harder time with this, since it is so easy for us to be in charge. But I would like to cultivate more balanced relationships where I can just go with the flow.

Anyways, I don't expect that you will know exactly what I should say or do, but I was hoping a little insight into my chinese signs could help me understand myself a little better. In the past, during a transition time in my life, you provided me some kindness and support. Thank you!

Hi Ana,

You were born during the year of the Fire Tiger, month of the Metal Rabbit, day of the Fire Ox and hour of the Fire Sheep.

Many astrologers call the day sign the Daymaster and even consider it the most important sign among equals. Your Daymaster is Ox. That sign is the sign of the person's whose fate it is to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They willingly take up others' burdens and generally do exactly what you described in your question. If something needs to be done, they step up to the plate. And we thank you for all you do, even if we don't always show our appreciation!

As to what you can do, I can't really say how you can deal with your friends. People are who they are.

I can say one thing. The Chinese, Five Element Cycle provides a clue. There are actually two cycles, a nourishing and a controlling one. We're interested in the second. The element that controls your Fire is Water. Maybe you should add one or two, Water sign people to your circle of friends. They not only are the most likely to not cower in the face of your Fire Tiger, but Water is associated with travel, networking, communications and interpersonal relationships. Maybe your new friends will occasionally take the lead so your Ox can take a break.

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Thank you for your question.


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