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QUESTION: Hello sir

I want to know when will i be able to change my job, my current job is very stressful and unrewarding.I dont think my career stands a chance of growth over here.
I also want to know when will i get married and how will be my married life.
my details are

2nd june 1985
11.40 pm
new delhi

ANSWER: Hello Geetika,
You are born under the Anuradha Nakshatra and Capricorn Ascendant.
The position of planets in your Horoscope indicates that you are capable of hard work and success is important to you.You have the ability to overcome problems,but tend to
unnecessarily worry about trifles.Though you may face obstacles and overcome them
Successfully upto age of 48,thereafter you will have a real good rise in all fronts.
Jupiter sitting in the Lagna is your protector through out your life.So donít worry,
about trifles at all.
You are running your Ketu maha dasa and Rahu Antra Dasa.till 24-9-2011,
and thereafter Ketu Dasa-Jupiter Antra Dasa till 30-8-2012,followed by
Ketu Dasa-Saturn Antra Dasa till 9-10-2013..
The period Ketu-Saturn from 30-8-2012 to 9-10-2013 is good for you
Professionally.You will end up with a good job. You may have opportunities coming
your way during end may/june 2012.But it may not be to your entire liking,though it may be better than your present job.
Now let us check your marriage.
There is a good transit and favourable dasa coming up by end sept 2012 which
Is good for your marriage.
The boy will be from a higher status than you, matured person, from a far away place
from your birth place, very hard working, a bit sensitive/moody but otherwise happy.
You will learn to adjust with him when he is out of moods,and be happy.
Try repeating Hanuman chalisa on Saturdays regularly for next 18 Saturdays. This would help you both in your profession and your personal life.
You are intelligent and capable Girl.
All the best and cheeeer up!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Respected Sir,

I would like to give you some updates....I did get a career opportunity around Aug-Sep 2013 but it was somehow not what i really wanted and felt comfortable to be shifted to so I dint take it of now m in same organization where i was but things are much better than they used to be around 2 yrs back when i had asked the query.

There has been however, no progress at all on the marriage front...could you please help me understand as to why this delay and till what time the marriage would be fixed?

also by when the job change is expected now/

Best Regards,


Hi Geetika,
Lets solve the marriage issue.You have again favourable dasa and transit
happening between June to october this year.You must capitalize on the same,
by sincere prayers to Lord Balaji and putting forth your best efforts.
I would suggest 9 Saturdays of Upvas vrat and praying to Lord Balaji.
Try closing your eyes and listening to the following link on 9 saturdays
when you do upvas vrat after invoking Ganeshji .
The link is:
This would also help you in good job change which is likely after october.
All the best
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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