QUESTION: Good night !
I Born October 12, 1958 at 13 pm and my partner born on february 21, 1960 at 00:30.
both in Caracas, Venezuela. appreciate the compatibility study.
tks very much !!

ANSWER: Hi Marina,

You were born during the year of the Earth Dog, month of the Metal Rooster, day of the Wood Rat and hour of the Metal Sheep.

Your partner was born during the year of the Metal Rat, month of the Earth Tiger, day of the Earth Rabbit and hour of the Wood Rat.

From a Chinese Astrology perspective this match has a 35% favorable, compatibility rating, which is significantly below average. To be honest, this match does not have a good chance of lasting and bring you the happiness you seek.

I would also add your elements are not complementary. Your strengths and weaknesses match, which means you don't compensate for each others' weakness but, rather, you add to your strengths, turning them into excesses/weaknesses. Specifically, you don't have any Fire in your charts and a little below average Water. Fire is associated with excitement and dynamism and Water with communications and interpersonal relations. So these areas can present difficulties. Your big excess is Earth, which could lead to stubbornness and getting into a rut (boredom in the relationship, especially with your lack of Fire).

If you would like to learn more about relationships, I highly recommend Shelly Wu's Chinese Sexual Astrology and Susan Levitt's Taoist Astrology. Also, please visit my web site, If you would like a detailed analysis of this match, you can order one at the site for a modest charge. And, if you like the web site, please "like" it on Facebook and tell your friends about it.

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry I didn't have better news.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Tks very much for yr work.
But Im now confused, everywhere I calculate my four pillars say that i was born in a Earth Dog year, as you said,month water Dog, day Water dog, hour fire sheep. (:(

Is there a chance to re-calculate my four pillars , please ?
Thank you very much

Hi Marina,

There's no need to calculate your Four Pillars.

Most Chinese Astrologers use the Imperial Calendar, that is, fixed months. I use the lunar calendar, giving different dates for the months every year, which is why the four pillars I gave you differ from what you were told/encountered on those web sites.

Chinese Astrology is an old practice, so it should not be surprising that different methods have developed over the centuries.

I understand I'm in the minority. The thing is, lunar is the system I learned, and it has always worked for me. So I continue to use it, even though respected masters do not. What you are going to have to do is decide what system, what master, actually gives you accurate information and advice you can use.

I suggest you adopt the same approach I have. Use what works for you. If that's me and my system, great. If someone else works better for you, by all means use that person.  


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