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Name: Divyang Shah
Birth Place: Nagothane, Maharashtra
Time: 02:05 pm, 30/11/1987

Wife's name: Falguni
Birth Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Time: 12:27 pm, 19/04/1987

We married on 12/02/2012 and after marriage my financial situation is very bad and also from my childhood my financial situation is not too good. I was always in financial crisis from childhood.

My Questions:

1. Please suggest when my financial condition will be good and any pooja or remedies to make our life financially sound?

2. When I will become father? How many sons & daughters would I have?

Thanking you advance

Divyang Shah"

Dear Divyang,

As per data given, Your birth took place when a main period was Sat-Rah which was majory connected to 5,8,10,12 though period was good which provide you intelligence and fame amoung children but highly connected to 10,12 and as saturn was getting impact from Jupiter which is also connected to 12 house in a very high degree, your childhood remain under dominate by others from financial point of you. Mercury main period was started from 1992 which was in star of Jupiter strongly connected to 12,2,6 and again with Rahu which is strongly connected to 8th house it though it was connected to 6 and 3 which open your door to earn by badly effect by 8th and 12, your remained hand to mouth. Ketu period from 2009 which is connected to 7 where this period brought your marriage issue and done but connected to 6,8 your financial level  has not produced any remarkable changes but in spite of this ketu getting impact of saturn and 3rd house your financial suitation was decreased and unstatisfactory.

You have to wait further few years as period starting from 2016 is connected to 7,9,2,11,4 will lead you to better life and you rise your marital and financial life.



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