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Respected Sir,
We,my husband and I are going through a lot of financial hardships. I had to give up my job for the sake of my baby son and have been unemployed since Dec 2010.My husband is facing problems in finding a better job though he has been giving a lot of interviews and even though the interviewers are impressed by him, things dont work out...sometimes due to salary negotiations and various other reasons.My parents financially help us out but money just does not stay, numerous unforeseen circumstances cause the money to get spent and hence there is no saving.We havent shopped for ourselves ,not even a handkerchief for ourself in the past one year.we havenot eaten out, gone for movies or any vacation in the past 1 yr and yet we cannot save money.Circumstances like a relatives wedding or too many guests,or the car or air conditioner breaking down are causing a lot of unexpected expenditure and we are unable to save any money.
Though my husband is highly appreciated in his office(routinely brings home awards for his work),he is not getting a promotion or a raise in his salary.
My mother-in-law has approached 2 astrologers with my chart and they cant believe that I am out of job.They say I have a good yog for job,but for the past 1 year, i have been trying to get a job that allows me to work from home but have failed to do so.
My details : dob: 21 august 1981,9:17 AM,Guwahati,Assam.
Husband's details: 12 march 1980,16:05 PM, Moradabad,U.P.
Please let me know:

1.Why are we unable to save money?What remedies should we follow in order to save money?
2.Why am I Unsuccessful in getting a homebased job? When can I expect to find a job?
3.Why is my husband not getting  a better paying job? when will he get a new job?


Your husband is under mahadash of Rahu and Rahu is not a favourable planet for him. Infact Rahu mahadash is responsible for your problems. Your husband should wear energized Rahu Yantra locket. He should also wear a red coral ring in right hand's ring finger. Tell him to read Hanuman Chalisa daily. He may get a better job in 2013.

Keep trying you may also get a homebased job. If possible try blue Sapphire ring in right hand's middle finger. Chandra Yantra locket will be helpful in your case. God bless.

Anil(Jyotish Shiromani)  


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