Hello sir ,,she got lots of proposal from boys,parents forced her to get married a boy who is 11yrs elder than her she totally refused him but parents forced her and creat tension in whole family,, her whole venus bhukti was full of problem especially from jan 2010to aug 2010(not only marriage force but also break of education),, after that problem was there but not severe wil u pleez predict why she faced such problem during venus bhukti? Does venus signify 7th cusp if yes then why marriage didn't takes place? Her detail 16 aug 1982, 6.25 am hardoi up

Hello in given natal chart moon/mars/guru/ are in rahu star .sun in budh and budh represents  rahu  likewise shani is in mars star which represents mars in other words majority of planets linked to rahu in such situation better to analyse taking sbsb lord to get clear picture .
now come to dasha/bhukti period -shani/shukra from 21feb 2010 to 12 oct 2012 .
Now see shani is linked for marriage primary/supporting  but with detrimental houses   4 6 10  12 houses other relative houses left .
now  see shukra is linked through star lord shani 1 2 4 6 7 8 12 now you see 4 6 12 houses are detrimental houses for marriage .this is true that venus is sbsb lord of 7th house but in star of shani ,and role of shani has been explained above so marriage was not possible ,tell me tell me shani  ELDER in age .thanks .


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