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I would like to ask you what career area is best for me?
I am born 22 feb 1977, 2:20 am charlottenlund, Copenhagen.

I really would appreciate your read on this.

Hi Daniel,

You were born during the year of the Fire Snake, month of the Water Tiger, day of the Metal Dog and hour of the Fire Ox.

Here is what Lori Reid, one of my favorite experts, says about the Snake and career:

"These people often change career at least twice, and are unlikely to be attracted by mundane jobs. Whatever they do, they bring concentration, an eye for detail, and laser-like precision to the job. Snakes take things quietly, and may appear lazy, but in fact they are extremely conscientious and can act super-fast when necessary. They have organizational skills and the ability to put their finger on the problem or find a solution to a difficult situation. They like to sort things out on their own, and can at times seem secretive or ruthless."

Looking at your chart I see your elements are well balanced. Only two things stand out. First, you have slightly below average Wood. This would argue against humanitarian or creative/artistic career fields. Second, you have two Fire signs. This tells me you are probably a man of action, also probably having more than average charisma.

To be honest, this doesn't narrow it down much. The truth is you are well suited for many careers. One that came to mind quickly was plans and programs/program management. Your two Fire signs suggest emergency response technician. I think you could be a good manager and are probably comfortable with leadership positions. If you have as much charisma as I think you might, you could probably do well in sales and marketing. Really, you're suited for almost anything except the two I mentioned above and Lori's restrictions. That is, I can't see you as a painter or sculptor, working in or directing an aid program in Africa, or being a bus driver, accountant, or postal clerk.

If you would like to learn more about Chinese Astrology, I highly recommend Susan Levitt's Taoist Astrology. Also, please visit my web site, If you would like a detailed analysis that includes your abilities, you can order one at the site for a modest charge. And, if you like the web site, please "like" it on Facebook and tell your friends about it.

Thank you for your question.


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