lightning wrote at 2013-01-30 05:39:49
hi i have born in the same date as you 23- 10 -1988 .

so i know what is your faniancial problem . you will be intiligent , spritual , quick - learner but you will have lot of delay in marrage , financial and family loving . lots of suffering , pain , and despair . i understand you very well . i been through all that evin now i have financial problem . its hard what ever you try it always fails , your plans back fire , everything moves far away eatch time you reach out your hand to . no one to help you , no one was there , and no one willing to take time to know you much less acnolege you . all you have to do is only belive in gods , angles and sprit. that all for now you can depend on , we born to suffer half of our life , maby even more from hire on onwords but still we can still hope at the faint light we see in our contioness . just have hope that all you can do . place all your worryies to god , angles ,and sprit. thay will do something .  


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I would answer any based on Astrology/Numerology/Numbers/Alphabets/Colours including marriage, carrier, success, match making, longevity, financial status & recovery etc. I will deal any one questions from an individual at a time. I can help out based on psychology / dreams / feeling, 'What you think and You feel to think to and from others', "What you have watched in your dream during sleep and your feeling related to dream". "Your intuitions related what you have done or what are you going to do". - Who do not know their time of birth, to help such people and guide them based on research and assumption is also possible but for correction in result, date of birth and time is mandatory. As I have researched astrology through Indian, Muslim and Western calculation, I would suggest to best guidance is based on Ascendant and Moon Sign. Difference of two to three minutes can chance your destiny therefore I would disclaim my answer if it is opposed to your life. I do submit my answer based on the time given it may or may not be exact according to the result but whatever the time you will provide, my answer would be accurate according to the given time.


Since 2000 i am practicing astrology,i have solved numerous cases successfully. I have dealt with different types of queries related to human life situations eg. Marriage, carrier, success, longevity, financial status, wealth, relations, Evil related issues. I suppose my accuracy is more than 90%.

By professional, i am accountant after job, i serve in free time to help people.

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