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Avam ji once u predicted about dis girl that she wil get love marriage may b some other caste she was in love but now boy is going to marry some other girl ,dis girl fight bravely with her parents for dis boy but now there is parmanant breakup ..Is she destined for marriage if yes then do u see love marriage for dis girl? Her detail 16 aug 1981, 6.25am hardoi up, long 80.06e lat 27.23n

Hi Dimple,
Dhanista Nakshatr,Dasa of Jupiter in progress.
I am sorry I dont remember my earlier mail to you.
How I wish I had told you to observe Upvas Vrat on
9 wednesdays as there is a combo of Saturn with the
the Karaka for Love Venus which will try to disrupt
the love when the transit Saturn in Astama position
also creates problems.Anyway,you have a good Dasa and transit
again coming up in your sub-dasa of Mars who is your
yoga Karaka,after October 2013.This is good.
You will have a happy married life.
Can you refresh me if I had suggested any vedic
remedies before? Can you possibly observe Upvas
Vrat,sincere prayers? It surely helps.
Cheer up...God be with you,


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