Question dob is 21 dec 1982..tob 2:00 a.m...female, place of birth hyderabad (AP.)..India

sir..when will i get marriade?tell me about my future spouse (his family background ,profession,character., complextion) family is searching suitable match for me since last 4 years..but the result is not positive...i m so frustated now..

thanks in advance

You were born in Dhanista 4th Pada,and you are presently
under Dasa of Guru till 9-4-2018.Guru is not a favorable
planet for your Tula Lagna.
The delay in marriage is primarily on account of
Saturn in Lagna,aspecting Sun,Venus,Upapada Lagna.
Upapada Lagna is badly aspected and 7th from Upapada houses Rahu.
You have Saturn and Rahu in Marana Karaka Sthana owning the 4th and
5th House.
You have two planets in Exaltation and Lagna in Vergottama,
Your Lagna Lord is in quadrant.These are good.
Guru Dasa can surely give you marriage,though delayed one.
Your spouse could come from some form of communication like
internet,news paper etc.
The description of your spouse likely to be outspoken,
quick and rational in decision,ambitious,independant
and does not like restrictions,slightly impulsive,knowledgable
middle stature,not fat,good at heart.Could be from Engineering
back ground or work place.
There is a delay seen.Undernormal cicumstances,the date of marriage
could shift to next year midlle.There is Pitra Dosha,based on Rahu in 9th
conjunct Gulika and aspecting the Sun.This needs remedying and would help.
The Transit of Saturn and Rahu in your Lagna may give you health problems
and so dont neglect Health matters.You tend to take things seriously,
and may feel easily discouraged during this period,and sap your energy.
You need to be positive,and not get discouraged,Here prayers do help.
Dont try anything rash.Take time to chosse the boy who meets your
physical aspects of love to avoid any mismatch in this likely area.
I am sure sincere prayers will be answered by God as you are
a kindly person.Not to worry.
God bless


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