Name: Divyang Shah
Birth Place: Nagothane, Maharashtra
Time: 02:10 pm, 30/11/1987

Wife's name: Falguni
Birth Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Time: 12:27 pm, 19/04/1987

Marraige Date: 12/02/2012

From the day I married, I am getting any signs of trust from my wife. If I tried a lot to trust her then also I am not able to trust her in any aspects. Sometimes I feel she don't love me and is cheating with me and having relation or affair with some one else.

Please let me know how is my wife's character? Should I trust her or not?

Is she a type of person who can have affair even after marriage?

Waiting for your response!!

Thanks in advance

Divyang Shah

Dear Divyang Shah,
1.was it  love mrg? how did you two come together?
2.Frankly how is your sex life with her?Is there mismatch in this area?
I see poor Physical contact from your side with her.
3.There are too many opposing forces in her marriage and secret adversaries
in your case.
4.Did you know her life before marriage?
5.Your 7th House and 7th Lord is badly aspected.You are running your Ketu
Dasa and Ketu is in the 7th house of marriage,shaking up your marriage.
There are quite a few inauspicious yogas in your Chart too.Have you undertaken any
Vedic remedies in past?
Just remember Marriage is a holy bond and not to be broken
unless due to unavoidable circumstances,so first is to see
how to make the marriage work.
Please do answer.In case you are not able to get across,
you can mail me at
Be positive in your thoughts.
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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