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Astrology/what is the correct way to worship of God


QUESTION: I am a 23 year old brahmin girl and have recently started reading Geeta..and have found man verses which say that Demi-god worship is forbidden, whoever worships demigod gets nothinfg more than darkness...however god doesn't restricts it bt he says that whoever worships demigods reaches the planets of demogods and doesn't reach the eternal him. that is one who worships demigods gets the materialistic pleasures but remains devoid of the real God who is the supreme and even the demigods listen his commands only. God says he is only one and has no family and no alike.....kindly guide why then we all hindus worship dmigods and doesn't follow the real path to reach the Real God, the one who is  supreme of all and is only "one" have read so many vedas kindly guide me the real path to worship God and reach him.what should be the correct way of worshipping?

ANSWER: The best way to worship God - 1)is his remembrancer by heart  that is in a usual way , no need of exteranal means ( sadhan) to worship  Him .
2)  meditation .
This process of doing worship is known as  ADWAIT SADHANA .
Present trend followed by majority of people is Dwait Sadhana  ( murti pooja ).has been further  divided  in various samprdaya  such as shaiv , vaishnave ,shakta , ganpatya , shanmukham ( in south india ) saur samprdaya etc .
 but advait upasana is supream  if you are more interested please  read ishavasyopanishad / katho panishad / chhandgyopanished  thanks.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for a very detailed reply...i am obliged...but would also like to know despite the fact that Geeta forbids it saying we can resort to demigods only during childhood and after that if we follow it it will take us to darkness..why do people follow it? Specifically asking, is demi-god upasana good?

Normally satwik upasana gives long awaited results & some times not felt in  entire life cycle of human being , but for the  upsana  of demi - Gods it is  belief of majority people that these are helpful to get quick results  for worldly achievements but they are not aware of their side effects .Therefore people are attracted & more inclined towards such upasanas  . There is one chopai in Ramayana --
 sur nar sab ke yah reeti swarath lagi karahi sab preeti .
 IN now a days this is applicable for all human beings in every field of life .
 thanks .


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