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Y C SHUKLA wrote at 2013-11-08 14:14:29
Dear Soumya ,

I am a registered expert in for astrology. I stumbled upon your question on Gita and God and would like to add more to that answer. I read Gita several times but could not relate it much till I studied astrology. After knowing astrology , I could understand some meaning of Gita's doctrine. Like your question , I too had many questions about Gita.

There is an interesting encounter with religious Gita experts which I wrote a few years back and you would find it quite interesting . The article mathematics of Gita written by me is available at following links :

1 .


Coming to your question of God & Demigods, please understand that real God can never have any form ,because forms are sensed by human senses and which have their inherent limitations. Human eyes, nose,ears have their limitations and even animals and birds have better senses than human beings. Therefore, as long as we present God in any perceptible form, even that form will be limited or destructible.

Demigods are those representatives who are not God themselves, but in some way, they represent the powers of God in a limited fashion.

Then who can be real God ? After researching and thinking for years, after studying astrology , I reached a final conclusion. The God has to be formless, beyond birth & death, all powerful, beyond comprehension of anybody including human beings and so on. God cannot be sectarian in nature , He has to be just and equal in his response to all creatures.

Then astrology told me that there is only one entity which fulfils all these conditions and it is known as Time or MahaKaal. So,the God is best manifested by Time just as magnet is manifested by its magnetic field. Only Time is ageless, birthless, deathless, equal and just for all , all powerful and has no bias for Puja -Paath and over all it follows a fixed scientific method, which is beyond manipulation of human beings.  

So, The Time is God and demigods are human forms taking birth at certain Time to complete the time cycle and represent Time's powers.

Let me give an example. Assuming you live in India . Then there is a Government of India. Can you see or sense Govt. of India ? Nobody has seen or can see Govt. of India but everyone would agree that it exists and you have to follow rules of Govt. of India for your comfortable stay in India. The same is true for govt. of any country.

Then who is President , Prime Minister and other functionaries of Govt. India ? They are like demigods in human form for God ,called Govt. of India. So you can never  see with human eyes , the God called govt. of India but you can always come across the demigods.

Now ,living in India ( World) , you have two choices,either please demigods , the functionaries of govt. of India or understand the Govt. of India. Then how to understand Govt. of India. We all know Govt of India is dictated by Constitution of India. So you have a choice : either please govt. functionaries and take direct benefits or understand Constitution of India, which even govt. functionaries ( demigods also follow).

Constitutional Lawyers and experts like Ram Jethamalani , Arun Jaitley etc are best examples of worshipper of God in place of demigod. If you understand Constitution better than Ministers and govt officials, you can challenge their actions in court and those actions can be overruled . So finally God (the constitution ) prevails over demigods ( the govt. power functionaries).

But 99.999% people find it materialistically better and easier to please a demigod and get something in physical form than understanding the formless God.Further, one demigod (authority) can give you something when pleased, then another demigod (authority like police, court) can snatch it from you. So only knowledge ( Bhakti) of Supreme God ( Constitutional Law) can save you from all such problems.

Finally , what is then Constitution of God ? Gita is termed as Constitution of God and universally accepted at least in Hinduism. But , Gita has a support mathematics , called astrology , which is basically study of Time , the God. Therefore, true meaning of God, demigods and Gita can never be understood without understanding astrology.

Hope this answers your questions. You are welcome to ask any more questions.


Y C Shukla



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