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I am a 23 year old brahmin girl and have recently started reading Geeta..and have found man verses which say that Demi-god worship is forbidden, whoever worships demigod gets nothinfg more than darkness...however god doesn't restricts it bt he says that whoever worships demigods reaches the planets of demogods and doesn't reach the eternal him. that is one who worships demigods gets the materialistic pleasures but remains devoid of the real God who is the supreme and even the demigods listen his commands only. God says he is only one and has no family and no alike.....kindly guide why then we all hindus worship dmigods and doesn't follow the real path to reach the Real God, the one who is  supreme of all and is only "one" have read so many vedas kindly guide me the real path to worship God and reach him.what should be the correct way of worshipping?

Dear Soumya,

The supreme creator, who is neither living nor dead,from whome all grah have evolved, who represents the bhu-shakti and the neel shakti and his feet is called the asta dala padma, representing all the chakras and directions comprising all planets...all incarnations are the form of lord vishnu and all grah are made of him , it is narayan who creates and preserves and it is the trideva i.e shiva, vishnu and brahma who create, distroy and preserve. All demigods are incarnations, derived out of these sumpreme energies and any worship we do, ultimately appeases them and takes us one step closer to them. So dont get confused because all demigods have an existance by the wish of trideva only.

Rgds and may god bless you,



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