When will i get married Born at Belgaum on 30/05/1978
time 11.40 A.M ?
In spite of best efforts I'm unable to get married .
Kindly Advise

ANSWER: Dear Anand ,

Your Lagna sign is on borderline so difficult to predict.To confirm lagna position,please send some background information like you are cool natured / water like or fire brand nature .


Y C Shukla

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QUESTION: dear sir, I'm hot tempered guy

ANSWER: Dear Anand ,

Your spouse's house (7th House) has simultaneous looks (aspects) from Saturn , Jupiter and Mars.These planets form Saturn-Jupiter & Saturn-Mars conflict pairs.Situation is more akin to simultaneous application of Brake ( Saturn ) and accelerator ( Mars & Jupiter ) in automobile which burns much fuel and moves less.

So marital happiness in your chart is weak. Still based on your chart , simultaneous transit of Jupiter and Saturn will happen on 7th house of spouse during June 2015 to June 2016 and at the same time you will be having Budh - Guru ( Mercury- Jupiter) dasha period and that has maximum potential for a marital bliss.  


Y C Shukla

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QUESTION: Thanks but is there any remedy that cab trigger marriage next year only?

Dear Anand ,

1. Astrological predictions for timing an event are based on the principle of natural occurrence of events , with little or no effort. For example, one can predict plenty of water during Monsoon months in India.

2. Further , natural occurrence means real happiness , without much liabilities, just as in monsoon one can irrigate the crop without any cost.Now getting the crop irrigating in May / June months may cost a huge sum of money and still the water will not be as good as rain water and it may dry out very soon .

3. That said, all events are possible to occur any time, provided one puts extra efforts and resources, though the event will not give the same satisfaction , which a natural event will give.

4. This is like the story of a crow who wanted to drink water out of a pitcher , which had some water and crow did extra efforts , brought some pebbles and dropped them in pitcher, which raised the water level and crow could drink the water.

5. In our life too , the luck or destiny is similar to water level in the pitcher. Some have it filled to the brim (Fortunate) and they need little effort to drink.Some have it filled more than half level and they need to do some extra effort to get water through pebble action ( Average Luck), while in some cases, the water is less than half mark , and in those cases even pebble action will go in vain ( unfortunate) and water would not rise, hence there is no point in doing even a Karma for that situation.

6. Astrological study of charts gives the level of water in the pitcher and based on the outcome, one should do or not do any action to get results.

7. In every chart , there are some aspects , which have more water level while other aspects of life may show less or no water at all .

In light of above discussions, you can always try your best for marriage any time and astrology does not prevent for any action .


Y C Shukla,



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