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QUESTION: Pundit ji,
Right from my child hood to my present age, I have faced constant failures, humiliation.Inspite of my deep interest in academics ,  strange and adverse circumstances never let me score good marks, and my life has  suffered a lot.
I am literally at cross roads of life.

Kindly guide.
My details are:

Name : Vishwanath
Birth Time :18:21 PM
Birth Place:Delhi,India


ANSWER: Dear Vishwanath,

Please don't be disappointed. Your main planet is Mars ( Mangal) , who is lagnesh. Since birth, you had Budh , Ketu , Shukra Mahadasha , which were not very friendly with Mangal or placed in adverse houses. Currently Surya Mahadasha is running which will last for 5 months more and Surya is also neech. So all these periods may have been troublesome.

But now, with start of Moon Mahadasha in March 2014 and ending of Shani Dhaiyya in October 2014, you may look forward for good period for next 10 years and then a golden period from 2024-2031 , when your lagnesh Mars would be Mahadasha lord.

You have very good placement of Moon, Mars and Jupiter , though Jupiter ( Guru) is weak , being Neecha. You should go for good counselling in decision-making for big issues in life to avoid losses. Read good astrological essays on my website at .


Y C Shukla    

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Pundit ji,
Thanks for your guidance
Kindly also guide.
Our family astrologer once  said that since jupiter is weak,I should not go for teaching, advisory career ,where spoken skills are needed as I won't earn a penny.
Ironically, I often get teaching/ training and advisory jobs.
But, I never join them out of fear.

Dear Vishwanath,

1. The classical meaning of planet's characteristics has lost relevance in present age. For example , an exalted Jupiter is considered very good in old astrological texts , so present astrologers predict good wealth and status for person with exalted Jupiter. But in practice , you will never find an exalted Jupiter person as super rich , whereas a debilitated (Neecha) Jupiter is predicted with poor wealth , while nowadays many super rich politicians , actors, industrialists  have debilitated Jupiter.

2. The reason lies in wrong interpretation of exaltation and debilitation of planets in present time. In my 10 year research on exaltation / debilitation, I reached on conclusion that exaltation means the excessive ideal traits of the planet while debilitation means lack of ideal characteristics of planet.

3.In old days, a person with exalted Jupiter, was satisfied with whatever he had,always busy in devotion to God and was honest to the core. And at that time, such person was respected more than the wealthiest person in society.Now, same person in present day society in India will be considered a die hard fool, labelled  poor and not worth respecting , while person with debilitated Jupiter may gain wealth by unclean methods and he would be considered as the most respected person in society.

4. Therefore , classical meanings of planets  characteristics are no longer applicable in today's society , because the value system has become upside down.

5. Coming to your question, association of Jupiter to 10th house of profession will naturally bring the consultancy , teaching or advisory jobs to you. But your family astrologer gave you blunt advice of not doing it , because Jupiter is 12th lord as well, so it may give loss to profession and it is debilitated also.
6. But there are alternatives and my interpretation is different. If you go for consultancy / teaching etc at far away places, foreign countries from your birthplace , it will benefit you , because that satisfies conditions of 12th , 9th lordship as well as debilitation of Jupiter.
7. Today , there are more options available before us to fulfil even difficult yoga and one can benefit by appropriate actions , while 100 years back , it was not possible , so it may have been termed bad yoga.

Hope this clears your issue. Anyway , you should try and see the results yourself and verify.For further questions , email me at


Y C Shukla

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