will i get success in my career? am trying to get into banking field, will i get success?
my dob: may 16 1987
time of birth: 16:55 pm
plc of birth: cochin, kerala, india
gender: Female

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Looking at your Rashi birth chart I see that your 10th house of career is planet free which is ok so don't worry. Your 10th house lord is the Moon sitting in the 3rd house of communications and media.

Your career will be best suited in this line of work I assume banking would fit in well. Going onto your D9 Navamsa chart I see that Moon is in your 8th house. This suggests you go through lot's of ups and downs in life and don't cater well to them. This is confirmed by the fact that Rahu is looking at the Moon from your 12th house. You feel emotionally drained whenever this should happen.

Stop taking the emotional burden of others upon you. This will make you suffer. You will be best in a career where there are sudden events involved like an emergency kind. I suppose this emergency type of thing is occasionally prone to happen in banking.

You feel you want to know more about spirituality and the occult.

Spiritualism will help balance your wavy emotions. Your mother also suffered ups and downs probably like you.

Sometimes she would suddenly love you and suddenly she just didn't have the time for you.

If the lord of the 8th is placed well then this wouldn't have been such a problem. But, the lord is itself the Moon in the 8th therefore confirming that her feelings towards you were very much like I said.

The reasons for all this in your life is for you to sought the help of spirituality. It's just a wake up call.

I see that your ascendant the 1st house is 6th from the 8th meaning that your emotional instability can be kicked off if you suddenly get into a minor accident, or you suddenly hurt your body due to no fault of your own just one of those things that can happen to all of us.

Here in the 8th your Moon looks at the 2nd house of money and tells me that your up and down in emotions are also related to your up and down of your flow of money.

Your wavy unbalanced emotional behavior to life's ups and downs needs help and the best way forward is to learn to meditate.

Meditation will be a guard or mask of protection for you.

Learn to meditate, relax and you will be a great success in your career, I guarantee it.


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