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QUESTION: Dear Monika,
Kindly guide me ! I am a very lay woman with limited means.
My son has been told by an astrologer than sun in his horoscope is weak ,and he will never earn properly and his family life will be disturbed.

I consulted my family astrologer ,who said that his condition will change after march 2014 and there is nothing to fear. Like any mother,I am bit nervous !

His details are:
Name: Harprasadh Joshi
Birth Time:18:21 PM
Birth Place: Delhi,India

Sarita Joshi


In your son's career horoscope I see that the houses concerned with him working and earning to live on will be dependent upon looking closely at his 2nd of resources, 6th of his daily duties and the 10th of his final achievement as far as his status and position in life goes. All three houses need to have a connection if I'm to give you an answer to your question. The 2nd house is lorded by Venus which is seated in the 8th of other's. This means that he likes relying upon other people's resources for his flow of money. His 6th house is lorded by Mercury which is in the 7th. The 6th suggests self duty, responsibility and personal growth, and as it's lord is in the 7th implies that he cleverly depends upon others to provide him with and does not feel the responsibility to earn and fend for himself. His 10th is lorded by Saturn in the 3rd. The 3rd is the house of communications and sales and media. Although your son will probably do good in these sectors of life he has a detachment of purpose as Ketu is conjunct with Saturn in an orb of less than 6 degrees so a close mix of Saturnian and Ketu energies detaching him from the want to work.

The best way forward in your case is to carry out remedies for Ketu.


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QUESTION: Dear Monika,
You are partly true, He works as a teacher and trying hard .
But, kindly guide me about sun in his horoscope .
Expecting guidance from you.
God bless!
Sarita Joshi


Sarita thanks for coming back!

What is Sun in his horoscope?
Sun is his soul, represents his willpower, his strength in dealing with situations in life like losing his house or job and it's the vitality he possesses in being ble to surmount his difficulties.

In your son's horoscope Sun is at 3 degrees in the 7th house in his main birth chart. When the degrees are between 0 and 5 and 25 and 30 the planet becomes powerless. We then need to look at whether he was born in Shakla Paksha or Krishna Paksha. If somebody has a weak Sun but born in Shakla Pakha the weakness becomes again strong and non worrying but, sadly he was born in Krishna Paksha which does not make things better. We can now look at his Mars in his horoscope to see if that is strong since Mars was the god of war and is also like the Sun shear determination and strength.

Here I see it at 9 degrees which suggests that it has some strength after all and so things are not as bad as may seem. As he has a weak Sun you can try and increase it's strength by making him wear the Sun stone (RUBY) around his neck in gold or silver. The rathi should exceed 10. He should also do every morning without fail Sun prayers after bathing outside of the house. He should worship the Sun before 12pm afternoon by pouring water from a steel jug or glass and praying for forgiveness and help.

Hope this helped!

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QUESTION: Dear Monika,
Thanks many times for your kind gesture.
This is my final question.
He was told that he should put on gem related to jupiter as jupiter plays an important role in his life.
Kindly guide me if he  really needs to wear gem related to jupiter.
Please treat it as a genuine question.
God bless
Sarita Joshi

No Pukraj is wrong as Jupiter is lord of his 12th house of losses and by wearing this he will incur more problems. He should wear a Ruby and Pearl. Pearl for his relationship with you which I see is good anyways, so will get much better and ruby for him to be generally happier and earn better. The Pujraj is a mistake many pandits make.

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