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May I kindly request you to please read my chart for foreign travels.

16 sep 1980
time: 1435 hours/ 2:35 pm
place: Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh India

More than becoming a big fat rich guy, I want to be known as a well travelled person. I have lot of interests on foreign places, cultures. Will I travel a lot? and is there possibility of staying on foreign lands for a longer term , say 3-5 years?
I am yet to travel out of India

Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,

ANSWER: Dear Avinash ,

There are following astrological reasons for your desire to travel in foreign lands :

1. Your lagna (Dhanu sign) lord Jupiter is placed in 9th house while Dhanu itself is 9th sign , which indicates long distance travels like Dhanush fired Arrow and in modern times Dhanu indicates long distance Missiles.

2. Your Moon is in 12th house of foreign places. So your mind is always interested in going far away from your birthplace and birthplace does not suit you also because of this reason.

3. The last factor happens from Present Mahadasha. Your Current Mahadsha lord Shukra ( Venus) is with Rahu , which is more for all foreign things. So your desire got boosted with start of Shukra Mahadasha in 2005 and will last till 2025.

4. Foreign travel is no longer a difficult thing. You may visit Srilanka , Malaysia, Singapore in less than Rs. 50000. and now  it is only a question of money and time. Frequent moving abroad may lead to your settlement there.

So save some money and roam the world.


Y C Shukla   

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Many thanks for your reply.

I have some opinions on your reply. You told me about my desires acc to my chart. Thats all right. But desiring and wish getting fulfilled/ high probability of going abroad in charts are different.

for eg, every one may desire a rich and handsome/ beautiful spouse. but not everyone's wish get fulfilled
So, I was just wondering, whether my chart has it in me to settle/ long stay abroad/ frequent visit to exotic locations like europe, australia for both work and personal reasons......I am not talking about neighbouring countries

I hope you got my point....Sir, your explanation to my answer was very detailed and I am very thankful to you....
So I kindly request to know the probability and timing of
- foreign settlement, if possible
- long stay abroad (say 1-3 years)
- frequent trips

I hope I am able to articulate my pints well and clear.

Best regards,

PS - I know you have some rules of answering queries here, But I promise that I won't bother you again. This will be my last question
I have 1 other questions, for which I shall take your paid consolations

Dear Avinash,

1. Your design says that you should have as much foreign connections as possible. There is one more factor which is important now , the running of Saade Saati from November 2011 lasting till 2019 end.But it is not possible to give you pinpointed answers to your questions in absence of sufficient data to confirm your chart.

2. I too have my issues in answering the questions of people like you in this website. While astrologers's profile and details are available at site , to choose an astrologer, the astrologer is supposed to tell accurate answers based only on date ,time and place with mostly fake identity. So , without co-relating the planet's  present effects on the person's life , it is all guess work and waste of time, to predict future events.   

3.Deep in my heart , I know that people seeking consultancy at such free websites are not going to benefit even from my sincere and true advice.The reason is explained in Parashar Hora Shastra, which advises all question seekers to pay the knowledgeable astrologer as per their paying capacity , if they really want to benefit from any such advice.Giving ( Donate) itself means that Brihaspati has started acting and saving on even rightful expenses is Mangal's character, which tells that misfortune is still active.   

4. Though I have my good alternate sources of income and I started my website only  after being financially independent, still I insist on such paid advice ,in the interest of advice seeker. It has other astrological reasons also.The people who spend lakhs on useless things and lose hugely in business and other things , when they are asked to pay the rightful fee of an astrologer , become miser and money conscious. Why only astrologer should work free of cost , while whole professionals of society can get fee for its work.

5. The result is that, neither astrologer is serious to go deeper in your chart and  tell you the real meaning of your chart nor you can ever reach your true potential and just wander from one free website to other, because a free consultancy is never taken seriously .

6. At , I take a maximum of 5 questions a day as I have allocated only 1 hour every day for this activity and one question is welcome from every person.

7. Out of these questions , I give detailed answer for any serious or interesting question, which has sufficient background information to cross check the chart and that is done to help the person in crisis as well as to improve my experience.

8. The routine / vague questions like what is my future, when will I get job, marriage and children usually do not appeal me on this site, because people are faceless strangers to me and I am not in a position to check the chart with their  personality , so there is no point in wasting my time on such questions without any supporting data and really correct prediction are not possible in this way.

9. Therefore , I suggest for paid interactive and comprehensive analysis of your chart , which discusses all issues in holistic way. Please read my article on this issue at this link :

10. It is really not necessary to seek my consultancy, you may choose any good astrologer , whom you trust.




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