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QUESTION: Dear mam,

My details:

DOB 01-01-1988,
Place: Puttaparthy, Anantapur, A.P,
Time: 21:00 (9:00PM).

when will i get married and also i would like to know the my wood be details. Please provide for the same, I will be very very thankful to u.


may I tell you that I've had a good look at your birth chart and the 2nd , 7th and 11th houses which trigger a marriage. I see that your a Cancer ascendant with the planet lords of these houses being Sun, Saturn and Venus respectively. Your Venus and Sun dasha will not be till near the end of your life but Saturn dasha and bhukti of Venus and Sun will occur between the dates of: Jan/4/2033 Jul/6/2033
this will be the time of your marriage.
Please keep in touch and let me know how things proceed.

Please forgive me since I am able to only answer one part to your question

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Thanks for your reply.

As u said my marriage suitable timings is near 2033.I have 26 years age now, so i should wait up to 46 age for marriage?

I know now running rahu mahardasha upto dec 2015, after that Jupiter starts which will give raja yoga for me. In this age is not suitable for marriage?

Some one told me that Raja yoga give good results for marriage and also carrier prospective.

As u told me that sun, satrun and venus in 2nd, 7th, 11th houses which is the favor for Jupitor and more over i dont have any kua dosha in my birth chart b/c mars in 5th position and rahu mahardasha will end of dec 2015. So rahu dosha also cleared in my chart.

I believe you that you are the good astrologer.So I am requesting you that please give the good predictions for my marriage. Mainly i would like to know the my coming wood be details.


Hi, thanks for getting back! Naresh
if you are looking for a considerably early and reasonable date for marriage then I will have to adopt a different strategy and look at the 3 houses from the Moon instead. The lords of these 3 houses are now Mars, Mer and Jup. It is not an irregularity to see from the Moon lagna if someone so wishes. Whether we look from the lagna birth chart or Moon lagna chart both are fine. Here I see your Jupiter Mahadasha starting on Dec/8/2015 and ending Dec/8/2031. The Buktis mars and mercury and Dasha Jupiter will simultaneously coincide between the dates below:

Jupiter Dasha Mercury Antadasha Mars Pryantadasha Sep/26/2021 Nov/13/2021

had you asked for the earliest date for marriage I would have used this principle instead.

By the way you are a Manglik but I'm sure you probably will not agree since another astrologer may overlook the fact that a Manglik is also seen from the Moon and in your D1 Rashi your mars is placed in the 7th house from your Moon.

Be careful what other astrologers may tell you!


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