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i want to ask u about someone special person ( that he will become my husband in future) plzz tel me about him?when we meet each other?
will he respect me and my family?
my name is Ayesha Shahzad.
my date of birth 9 April 1986.
my birth place alfarwaniya ( Kuwait).
my birth time 09:00 AM


presently you are in the
Mahadasha of Venus and bhuktis as below:
Moon Oct/28/2013 Feb/1/2014
Mars Feb/1/2014 Apr/10/2014
Rahu Apr/10/2014 Sep/30/2014
Jupiter Sep/30/2014 Mar/4/2015

Following this Dasha the next will be Sun's after Venus ends on Mar/4/2015
and this what will occur at that time:

Sun's Mahadasha
Sun Mar/4/2019 Mar/9/2019
Moon Mar/9/2019 Mar/18/2019
Mars Mar/18/2019 Mar/25/2019
Rahu Mar/25/2019 Apr/10/2019
Jupiter Apr/10/2019 Apr/25/2019
Saturn Apr/25/2019 May/12/2019
Mercury May/12/2019 May/28/2019
Ketu May/28/2019 Jun/3/2019
Venus Jun/3/2019 Jun/21/2019
Presently your 7th house of marriage is aspected by 4 malefic planets Sun, Ketu, Rahu and Saturn and your marriage date will automatically pop up after they move into the adjoining houses.

When will this be well I will tell you?
This will be after 24th Dec 2014.
Sorry if you feel there is delay but that's the way it is at present for most Taurean ascendants all around the sphere.

Also, I see that Mars is in your 8th house meaning your a Manglik. It is essential that you marry a Manglik like yourself for a happy marriage and that you don't marry before 34 in any case.

So the marriage should occur only in your Sun dasha and after 6 yers time from now in order to avoid disharmony and divorce.

As far as looks and his respecting your family goes I will need his horoscope.


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