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Dear Maa'm,

I wish to ask:
is it possible to predict "would be spouse traits" like tall, rich, looks, nature etc.

if yes, can you please help me with the my "would be: spouse: traits?
16 sep 1980
tob: 1435 house/ 2:35 pm
pob: saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

to be very honest: I desire a tall, rich and beautiful spouse. But I know desire/ wish and reality is different. I just wish to know what are these probabilities. I know you will say that I am quite materialistic. But I will say that I am also honest

I am hopeful that you will answer my above question in as much detail with the reasons of planetary ligament behind the same?

Best regards,

answered in an anothr thread as

mercury as 7th (wife) in 10th in his own house, with 9th lord, yes mercury is tall, rich and high iq ( as mercury is the best intelli guy in planets). Live your dream

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