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My date of birth is 9th Jan 1983 and time is 8:20 am and place of birth is Chennai.

My Question is iam trying to get a job in MNC.

I get the calls and interview, iam in the verge to get selected but I don't...I feel some force is stopping me from getting job...

Can you please let me know when I will get a job in MNC and which place I will get?

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at birth your moon was in Vishakka Nakshatra and in Libra at 29 degrees. If we take the sade sati reference point of your moon to be at 15 degrees libra then there is a 14 degree deviation in your horoscope from the 29 which suggests that your sade sati began about 14 months prior to its actual time. I have studied your chart in detail and have noticed that your your sade sati began June 2009 and entered your 10th house of career around the time of Oct 2012. Your sade sati is due to finish around April 2015.

Therefore, I suggest you stay put in where you presently work and go for the kill after that lucky date.

That's when you will be accepted for a better job and better money with less problems.


Should you require anything further knowledge please do not hesitate to ask


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