what career will be suited for me?
my dob is may 16 1987 & time of birth:4:55 pm

Hi Radhika,

You were born during the year of the Fire Rabbit, month of the Wood Snake, day of the Wood Ox and hour of the Wood Monkey.

Here is what Lori Reid, one of my favorite writers, says about the Rabbit and career:

"Rabbits are likely to be found in professions that demand their negotiating and management skills. Renowned for their diplomacy and discretion, they also have good communicative skills. The diplomatic corps, the church, teaching, and public relations all suit Rabbit people, with the security of a well-regulated organization to back them up. But with their sense of beauty and artistic inclinations, many Rabbits find their niche in music, literature, or the arts, perhaps in an orchestra, writing historical novels, acting, or working in publishing."

Unfortunately, a lot of what Lori said may not apply to you, as you don't have much Water in your chart. It's the element most closely associated with communications, both written and spoken. You also lack Earth in your chart, which means you may not be comfortable with a job that includes a lot of repetition, is routine, and requires a lot of practicality

Your strengths are Wood and Fire. The first is associated with creativity and a humanitarian nature. The latter indicates decisiveness, charisma and quick thinking. You could be suited for jobs in the health care field, charitable organizations, art and music, or even emergency responder (paramedic).

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Thank you for your question.


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